Savu Design Team
Matti Rekonen (on the left)
Otso Virtanen
Jouko Kallio
Pekka “Putte” Huima

The team behind Sauna Savu is full of solid know-how, comprising of young and open-minded experts from the building industry. Altogether the teams has over 30 years of experience in construction and professional design in Finland and abroad.


Otso Virtanen, Designer / +358-40-700 6677

Otso is in charge of Savu Management’s product design and product development, and as a designer he masters the details of modern wood construction.
In addition to the product development of Sauna Savu, Otso creates architectural designs for private and corporate clients. Many of his designs touch upon the concept of the Finnish sauna, ranging from common saunas in apartment buildings to small saunas on a lake shore. This experience contributes to the product development and custom deliveries of Sauna Savu.

Pekka “Putte” Huima, Designer / +358-40-530 3033

Putte is a renaissance man of the creative field, and deals with Sauna Management’s concept management and product design.
Alongside his responsibilities in Savu Management, Putte works for a Helsinki-based architecture practice. His design experience ranges from graphic design for international companies to developing ideas for urban culture for the City of Helsinki.
Already in 2006, Putte contributed to promoting the Design sauna concept Saunala in Hernesaari, Helsinki.

Jouko Kallio, CEO / +358-45-203 2866

Jouko is an experienced engineer, MSc Techn, with nerves of steel.
His experience in working for and managing building projects ranges from saunas to apartment buildings. As well as working as the CEO of Savu Management, Jouko is a founding partner at Helsingin Projektitoteutus Ltd, a Helsinki-based building project management company specializing in high-value properties.

Matti Rekonen, Production Manager / +358-40-570 6006

As a highly skilled builder and boatbilder, Matti is self-evidently the production manager of the Design Team, in charge of developing and managing the building and assembly.
In addition to his work as the production manager of Sauna Management, Matti is an entrepreneur at boat industry.