Exterior: Charred wood
Interior: Charred and washed wood
Benches: Larch, Carpenter-built
Rainwater tank: Stainless steel
Stove type: Wood-fired or Electrical

Huima & Virtanen, 2009

SAUNA SAVU is a Finnish wooden sauna that combines award-winning design with a traditional and atmospheric bathing experience. The charred exterior of the sauna, the scent of smoke fused into the grain of the tree, and the warm haze from the stove lead you on a journey to the world of our ancestors.

Pricing and purchasing
Design Team

Product Information

Wooden surfaces carved by flames
The entire black exterior of Sauna Savu is charred wood. The flames have left their mark on the building, giving every individual sauna its own personality.


The characterful method of treating the surface of the wood has been inspired by the Finnish wood construction tradition. Charring is a traditional method of protecting wooden surfaces – the charred surface is more resilient to dry rot and microbes.


The interior surfaces of the sauna, excluding the floor and the benches, have been charred and washed immediately after the treatment. In Japan, this millennia-old wood treatment skill is called Shou-Sugi-Ban. Brushing and washing the surface efficiently with pressure reveals the grain of the wood and the smooth, velvety texture created by the heat. The treated surface doesn’t stain, and emanates an enjoyable scent when the sauna is heated.


A readily movable designer sauna
Sauna Savu is a Finnish designer sauna with an advanced constructional solution. What makes it special is that it has been designed to be moved in one piece.


The structure has been designed to allow lifting and moving it in one piece. This permits choosing sites that would otherwise be extremely difficult to build on – islands, rooftops, and other places not easily accessible. The easy movability of Sauna Savu makes it ideal for use in temporary events as well. 

Due to its innovative wooden stucture, Sauna Savu can be manufactured in its entirety in our factory. The advantages of prefabrication are notable from the client’s perspective: the noisy and time-consuming process of building has been moved from the site onto our premises. Furthermore, the quality of building is guaranteed: the conditions in our factory are always ideal, come rain or shine.


The recipe for a good sauna heat
A generous amount of steam and enough moisture and supply air are essential in cleansing the body and mind.


Sauna Savu’s massive wooden walls and the ample amount of stone in the stove provide a heat that is soft and rich in oxygen – a heat you can enjoy leisurely. The exhaust air is directed out through an adjustable ventilator in the ceiling. The heat in Sauna Savu is most enjoyable when the stones in the stove have been warm for long, but the temperature of the sauna doesn’t exceed 70 degrees centigrade.

An enjoyable sauna experience isn’t just about the heat – it’s about the atmosphere. The scent of wood, the appreciation of craftsmanship and a peaceful mind all come together in Sauna Savu.


The stove is the heart of the sauna
The source of heat in the sauna is its hardworking and tireless stove. We have searched for and tested the stoves best fitting for Sauna Savu.


For a wood-fired sauna we recommend the Finnish Mini-IKI Plus Stove. The stove has a steel mesh structure protecting the stones and the chimney, and has room for up to 200 stones. The stove is delivered with a steel or partially glazed hatch, according to your wishes. The wood-fired stove can be fitted with a cauldron for heating water as an accessory.

For an electric sauna we recommend a classic: the Sähkö IKI 7,5 kW Stove. The stove has a stone mass of 140 kg and a warming time of approximately 1 hour.

Other wood-fired and electric stoves can be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Making the most out of rainwater
The sauna is sheltered by a tin roof hidden out of sight, directing  rainwater to the use of the bathers.

A stainless steel water container is integrated into the wall of the sauna, allowing the collected rain water to be taken from a location beneath the window, and used for the stove and bathing. The gently glimmering surface of the full water container creates a special sight, reflecting the view from the small window or the flickering light of a lantern.

Sreamlined and comfortable seating
Sauna Savu comes with minimalistic massive plank benches that have been handcrafted from locally sourced black alder at Fiskars Workshop.

The simple benches are beautiful and easy to clean. The dimensions of the bench in Sauna Savu have been carefully designed. Eliminating the need for external support beams, the benches have been given an ascetic look without compromising comfort.

Custom designed benches can also be ordered according to your wishes.

Technical details

External dimensions: 2,2 x 2,2 x 2,2 meters
Height of the flue: 1,5 m
Interior dimensions: 1,75 m x 1,75 m; height 1,85 m
Base area: 4,9 m2
Floor area of the interior: 3,1 m2
Heated volume: 5,6 m3
Weight: 1650 kg
Stove types: wood-fired / electric

Price from 10 400 eur (+ VAT).